11th WorldCup NailArt

The championship will take place on Sunday, October 27th, 2019, as part of the BEAUTY FORUM MUNICH 2019. The championship will be conducted exclusively in English.

The theme of the championship is “Go Wild – African Style on Nails“.

Please note that we cannot accept any more applications for the 2019 championship. 

Photo: berezandr/shutterstock.com

The challenge

The competitors must, either in category flat or category 3D, design and finish the nails of both hands in a creative way appropriate to the theme of “Go Wild – African Style on Nails“. The time allowed is 3 hours. The precise details of the competition, timing and judging criteria will be sent to each competitor with his or her confirmation of acceptance. To ensure that the competition runs smoothly, every competitor must be at the registration point in good time, and in accordance with the timetable, to show his or her identity card or passport.

  • Each competitor will bring his or her own model, whose nails will be worked on during the competition.
  • Each competitor, after registration and before the official start of the competition, will be allowed up to 30 minutes preparation time to style the model. During this time any preparations, other than work on the nails, may be carried out.
  • Modelling may be carried out in advance. It should be noted that the sides must be straight. If you need built-up areas on the sides for your creation then those must be produced on site. The shape (classic, stiletto, edge, etc.) type of modelling technique and length are free chosen. Modelling must be done using a clear foundation (all 10 fingers need to have the same).
  • No 3D figures may be brought to the championship. They must all be produced on site.
  • Competitors will provide all of their own working materials and tools, including work lamps (plug sockets will be available).
  • Each competitor has 3 hours to complete the work. During this time the nail art on all 10 fingers must be completed.
  • Airbrushing, stickers and stamping and also Thermgel are not permitted.
  • Tips are not allowed, all modelling must be done on site.
  • All preparation above the hands is allowed, it‘s part of the general view. All other modelling has to be done on site, this will be separately judged.
  • It isn‘t allowed to use ready-made forms or shape. The figures must be self made.

Judging Criteria

The expert judges will assess the work against the following criteria:

  • creativity and design
  • degree of difficulty and agility
  • versatility of materials used
  • versatility of techniques used
  • complexity
  • surface structure (flat)
  • overall impression


1st place: € 600 & foto presentation in BEAUTY FORUM Nailpro magazine
2nd place: € 300
3rd place: € 200
Prizes will be awarded in both categories (Flat and 3D).

Winners will be published in BEAUTY FORUM and Nailpro professional journals, home pages, Facebook and on online media websites.

All competitors in the WorldCup NailArt will receive a certificate, a medal, two admission tickets to the BEAUTY FORUM MUNICH 2019 trade fair and a championship T-shirt.