7th WorldCup NailArt 2015

Brighter, sharper, louder! The trend towards excessive nail beauty has spread all over the world. Now, at last, there is a platform where the world's best nail artists can prove themselves - officially.

In 2015 BEAUTY FORUM MUNICH is staging the 7th WorldCup NailArt on 18th October.

This top event is the perfect opportunity for the world's best nail artists to prove their skills and creativity. 

The theme of the Championship was "Jungle Fever - wild & coloured".



The winners 2015

Theme: Jungle Fever - wild & coloured


Category 3D

1st place:  Eszter Varga, Hungary

2nd place: Platz: Renata Šviglin, Croatia

3rd place:  Platz: Federica Lovascio, Italy


Category Flat

1st place: Barbara Magyarosi, Hungary

2nd place: Gergelyne Biro, Germany

3rd place: Melanie Meier, Germany




We would like to thank all sponsors 2015

The task

The future world champion has to create nail art on his or her model's Hand. The theme of the Championship was "Jungle Fever- wild and colourful". The creativity, level of difficulty, variety of materials and the model's styling were judged. There were no limits to your creativity here - whether you worked with 3D motivs or prefer traditional designs with brushwork and accessories such as rhinestones and beads. Anything goes! Except for airbrush and stamping techniques.

Impressions of the WorldCup NailArt 2015

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