Photo: Sandra Münzenberger/ Model: Celine Hakel

10th WorldCup NailArt 2018

The 10th WorldCup NailArt took place on 28th October 2018 with the topic "Candyland – Cupcakes and Sweets". This top event was the perfect opportunity for the world's best nail artists to prove their skills and creativity.

Congratulations to the winners of the 10th WorldCup NailArt 2018!

1st place 3D: Aleksandra Adamczyk, Polen

2nd place 3D: Eszter Endrődy, Ungarn

3rd place 3D: Marta Tomaszewska, Polen

1st place Flat: Adina Trojan, Polen

2nd place Flat: Loreta Czeranko, Slowakei

3rd place Flat: Barbara Magyarosi, Ungarn